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Sherri McLaughlin went missing from Kamloops BC on September 19th 1993 while riding here bicycle to a friends place.
Her bike and backpack were found on the side of the road. Foul play was suspected since the beginning of the search.

After all these years we have not been able to find the valuable peace of information that will help locate her. Somebody somewhere knows the whereabouts of Sherri McLaughlin. Please help us find Sherri.

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Locals on hunt; [Final Edition] | Print |  E-mail

Steve Berry. The Province. Vancouver, B.C.: Feb 13, 1994. pg. A.5
(Copyright The Province (Vancouver) 1994)

Hurting and Hoping, Page A8

They won't let her memory die.

A volunteer group of up to 100 people has formed in Kamloops to scour the streets for Sherri McLaughlin, the missing 20-year-old woman who was whisked off the streets last Sept. 19.

"Our goal is to bring Sherri back," said organizer Kathy Stone, 30.

"We're trying to keep her case alive and in the public eye."

The night she went missing, Sherri had been out with friends and had been dropped off at home.

Her ex-boyfriend, Shane Gowans, called at about 2:30 a.m. and she agreed to ride her mountain bike over to his home in an adjacent neighborhood.

Sherri never made it.

When Gowans went searching for her, he found only her mountain bike and her shoulder pack.

Stone, a homemaker with two small children, didn't know the family but "I knew I had to do something."

Now up to 80 people at a time go out and search for clues.

Others help Stone raise money to distribute 10,000 posters in Interior cities.

The group takes tips at 371-8082. The address is
P.O. Box 928Kamloops, B.C. V2C 5N4.

Kamloops RCMP is at 828-3000.


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