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Sherri McLaughlin went missing from Kamloops BC on September 19th 1993 while riding here bicycle to a friends place.
Her bike and backpack were found on the side of the road. Foul play was suspected since the beginning of the search.

After all these years we have not been able to find the valuable peace of information that will help locate her. Somebody somewhere knows the whereabouts of Sherri McLaughlin. Please help us find Sherri.

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Woman's pals asked to take polygraph; [FINAL Edition] | Print |  E-mail

ROSETTA CANNATA. The Vancouver Sun. Vancouver, B.C.: Sep 24, 1993. pg. B.3
(Copyright The Vancouver Sun)

Police officers investigating the disappearance of Kamloops resident Sherri McLaughlin, 20, have asked some of the woman's friends to submit to a polygraph test.

Kamloops RCMP Cpl. Wayne Zaksauskas said he couldn't say how many people had been asked, but he did confirm that McLaughlin's former boyfriend, John Herman, was asked and is considering the request.

McLaughlin's brother James said Herman called Sherri on the night she went missing. She was originally on the phone with her friend Shane Gowans when Herman's call came through on another line.

She spoke to him while Gowans was on hold. She later left her basement suite at about 3 a.m. intending to ride her mountain bike to Gowans' residence, but she never made it.

Her damaged bicycle was found by the side of a road.

Police continue to interview McLaughlin's friends and acquaintances. The only person they've eliminated as a suspect is Gowans, Zaksauskas said.

Other than him, "everyone is a suspect,'' he said.

An RCMP helicopter searched the area where the bike was found and the Thompson River, but found no sign of McLaughlin.

Meanwhile, her brother James McLaughlin said he's beginning to believe his sister's disappearance was a random ocurrence and not something plotted by someone she knew.

"Personally I think this is a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time,'' he said.

Whatever happened and wher ever she is, he just hopes she isn't suffering or being held against her will, McLaughlin said.

"One way or another of course, I hope she's OK, but I don't want her to be suffering,'' he said.


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