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Sherri McLaughlin went missing from Kamloops BC on September 19th 1993 while riding here bicycle to a friends place.
Her bike and backpack were found on the side of the road. Foul play was suspected since the beginning of the search.

After all these years we have not been able to find the valuable peace of information that will help locate her. Somebody somewhere knows the whereabouts of Sherri McLaughlin. Please help us find Sherri.

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Family hopes sensor points to missing woman; [FINAL Edition] | Print |  E-mail

Edmonton Journal. Edmonton, Alta.: Jan 4, 1995. pg. A.4
(Copyright The Edmonton Journal)

The McLaughlin's may get an answer today to a question that has haunted them for 15 months -- what happened to their daughter Sherri?

Sherri McLaughlin, 20, disappeared in the early hours of Sept. 19, 1993, as she rode her bike to a friend's house from her apartment.

Her bike was found but she has not been seen since and police have had no success despite following hundreds of leads.

But the family is going to try a new approach today, with the help of the man who used a device to locate the body of Mindy Tran, the eight-year-old Kelowna girl who was abducted and murdered last summer.

Rex Fitz-Gerald, who lives in the OkanaganValley community of Winfield, first brought the remote sensing device to Kamloops in November.

He spent two days in various parts of Kamloops with the hand-held unit and a piece of Sherri's hair attached to it.

Sherri's brother James has likened the device, called a quadro, to a divining rod.

When Fitz-Gerald took it to various locales in and around the city, the quadro pointed in a certain direction. He eventually pinpointed the area where digging will take place. It's the point at which lines projected from all the readings intersect.

The intersection is a spot in the North Thompson River and today an excavator will begin digging up a section of the river bed not far from Sherri's home.

Fitz-Gerald said he believes the search will be successful, although the results will be tragic.

"It would be a part of her, it couldn't be anything else," such as a piece of her clothing, he said.

McLaughlin's brother is waiting with eagerness and trepidation.

"This is probably the first lead or follow-up that's been on the negative side," he said, explaining that other clues have been from people saying they had seen her somewhere.

Sgt. Shawn Wylie said RCMP investigators will be at the dig site.

"Rex is a well-respected guy," said Wylie.

"He certainly found Mindy Tran."

Fitz-Gerald said he got his device from a man in Nova Scotia, specifically because he wanted to search for Mindy Tran. The unit was developed in South Carolina and was made for tracking dogs.

Coon hunters would hunt at night but when the hunt was over, they would spend considerable time trying to find their dogs. The device leads them quickly to the dogs, which are equipped with a collar patch.

McLaughlin said he wants the search to end because then "we could put Sherri in her grave and know she's passed on."

"But if we find something, then all the hope we've had for 15 months has come to an end."


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