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Sherri McLaughlin went missing from Kamloops BC on September 19th 1993 while riding here bicycle to a friends place.
Her bike and backpack were found on the side of the road. Foul play was suspected since the beginning of the search.

After all these years we have not been able to find the valuable peace of information that will help locate her. Somebody somewhere knows the whereabouts of Sherri McLaughlin. Please help us find Sherri.

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Mystery still buried: `Wand' fails to find trace of Kamloops woman, 20; [Final Edition] | Print |  E-mail

John Colebourn. The Province. Vancouver, B.C.: Jan 5, 1995. pg. A.6
(Copyright The Province (Vancouver) 1995)

KAMLOOPS -- Rex Fitz-Gerald is convinced the mystery behind Sherri McLaughlin's disappearance is in the frozen North Thompson River.

He spent five fruitless hours digging up a section of the river bed by the HalstonBridge yesterday.

But he still believes something under the ice will prove that McLaughlin was murdered and her body dumped in the river.

McLaughlin, 20, vanished without a trace early on Sept. 19, 1993, as she rode her bike to an ex-boyfriend's home. Her mangled bike was found by the side of the road.

A massive search failed and Fitz-Gerald, who found the body of murdered child Mindy Tran in Kelowna in November, was called in to help.

"In all probability there's just a small part of her in there," Fitz-Gerald said after a backhoe began to fill in the 10-by-10- metre hole it had dug two metres (six feet) deep.

"With all those chunks of ice and mud it's very difficult to find anything," said Fitz-Gerald, who lives in Winfield in the Okanagan.

Fitz-Gerald found the spot -- just a few hundred metres from McLaughlin's Kamloops apartment -- after two days of tracking with what he calls his "quatro wand."

The wand was loaded with strands of McLaughlin's hair.

"It has to be a body part," said Fitz-Gerald. "It could be hair, a patch of skin, something like that.

"Basically we went out about five miles from here and then narrowed it down.

"It would have been nice to have found something to let the family know what happened to her."

McLaughlin's brother James, 25, stood by the excavation site knowing that now, with the river frozen, may be the only chance to get heavy digging machinery on the river. Any sign of his sister may be washed away with the spring runoff.

"We're no closer today than we were a year ago," he said.

"I guess it's bad that we didn't find anything, but on the other hand she still could be out there safe somewhere."

Despite Fitz-Gerald's failure, RCMP are glad he gave it a try.


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