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Sherri McLaughlin went missing from Kamloops BC on September 19th 1993 while riding here bicycle to a friends place.
Her bike and backpack were found on the side of the road. Foul play was suspected since the beginning of the search.

After all these years we have not been able to find the valuable peace of information that will help locate her. Somebody somewhere knows the whereabouts of Sherri McLaughlin. Please help us find Sherri.

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Major development expected in McLaughlin disappearance Print E-mail

Young mother of infant son disappeared almost 16 years ago while riding her bicycle to her former boyfriend's home
By Lori Culbert
source: Vancouver Sun

September 17, 2009


RCMP are expected to announce today a major development in the case of Sherri McLaughlin, a 20-year-old woman who vanished 16 years ago from Kamloops.

At a press conference this morning, investigators are expected to release details about new forensic evidence in the troubling cold case. It is believed members of McLaughlin's family will attend.

McLaughlin's older brother James said in a telephone interview from Kamloops that he has "mixed emotions" about the press conference, noting no news from police will erase his sister's disappearance.

"My sister has been gone for 16 years," he said. "I don't know how I'll feel until I know what [the police information] is."

McLaughlin's case has haunted the city of Kamloops since she went missing on Sept. 19, 1993. Saturday will mark the 16th anniversary of her disappearance.

The young mother left behind a one-year-old son, Stephen, and a loving family. The family maintains she would not have run away and has always suspected foul play.

McLaughlin was riding her bicycle a short distance to her ex-boyfriend's house early that morning, but never arrived.

Her mangled bike was later found by the side of the road, and police said it appeared to have been run over by a vehicle. However, there was no sign of a struggle and no physical evidence such as blood or torn clothing that would suggest McLaughlin had also been struck by a hit-and-run driver.

"We're certainly looking at it as a possible abduction," RCMP Staff Sgt. Peter Montague told The Vancouver Sun one day after she vanished.

A backpack belonging to McLaughlin, who worked as a waitress at a local Pizza Hut, was also found lying nearby.

Her family -- including mother Jackie White, who is raising the victim's now-17-year-old son; father Garry, a former Surrey RCMP officer; and brother James, from Kamloops -- have never stopped looking for her.

They established a memorial on Parkcrest Avenue in Kamloops, where the bike was found. And an anonymous donor contributed $10,000 to the family's reward fund for evidence about McLaughlin's whereabouts.

Jackie White has, over the years, expressed frustration about the lack of breaks in her daughter's case.

An RCMP officer told the Kamloops Daily News in 2007 that the file was "an investigator's worst nightmare," noting many people investigated in connection with the case had been ruled out as suspects and that no forensic evidence had ever been found.

"The investigation came to a point when there was no new information. I hate to say it. She didn't disappear into thin air, but it was like working a case where that happened," RCMP Staff Sgt. Garry Kerr told the newspaper two years ago.

"There has never been a viable suspect... Despite the thousands and thousands of man hours that went into the thing ... there's been nothing. We have zip."

Police were tight-lipped Wednesday about any new details to be revealed today.

Around 2002, the Kamloops RCMP handed over the file to the unsolved homicide unit in Vancouver, which specializes in cold cases.

Over the years, many initiatives have been taken to try to find clues: A riverbed was dug up, a psychic was consulted, and community volunteers conducted foot searches and put up posters.

More recently, her family has searched for answers using the social networking site Facebook and by creating a memorial website at

Photos on the website show a pretty girl smiling at a birthday party, by a Christmas tree, and holding her baby son.

A message from her family reads: "After all these years we have not been able to find the valuable piece of information that will help locate her. Somebody somewhere knows the whereabouts of Sherri McLaughlin. Please help us find Sherri."


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